The electronic gate system at the trash/recycle area is almost completed. Once the system is fully installed and operational we will send an email and post it on our web site (camelotforest.org). At that time you can stop in the office to pick up your gate cards. Each owner is entitled to 2 gate cards. They must be picked up at the office. You must be a member in GOOD STANDING to receive your cards. We will have extended hours for your convenience. No gate cards will be mailed.

You will have 30 days from notification to pick up your cards. You must be current on your dues or have signed a promissory note.

Once operational the access will remain, for the near future, on the same Winter/Summer schedule.

If you rent your home your tenants will need to use your gate cards.

If you need additional cards or you lose a card the cost to add/replace a card is $25.00, No Exceptions. They are expensive.