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Nestled in the far northwest comer of Monroe County is one of the premier communities on the Pocono Plateau. Camelot Forest. Approximately one mile east from the intersection of State Routes 115 and 940 at Blakeslee comers you come across the development almost hidden in the picturesque woodlands of what was once one of the oldest farms in Tobyhanna Township. The Austin Blakeslee family purchased the property in the mid 1800's and operated it as a dairy farm up until the late 1960's when the farm was sold to land developers. The farm was comprised of approximately 400 acres, mostly wooded, with some open fields for grazing cows. There was once an old stone silo overlooking Lake Kathryn as you entered the development on Sir Bradford Road. This silo was removed only a few years ago. The land would lay undeveloped until 1971. On June 17th, 1971 Camelot Enterprise, Inc. filed for incorporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with offices located at Pocono Pines. On the 19th of June, Tobyhanna Township approved a plan of lots for the subdivision of lands of Camelot Enterprise, Inc. With the approval in hand, the developers purchased the tract of land from Helen Yamulla on the 13th of August for the land that comprises Section One of the development. The following April, they purchased a second tract of land from the Sincavage Corporation that encompasses what today is Lake Kathryn and the 48 lots in what is now Section Two of the development. The developers conceived and designed the community with the popular play Camelot most likely in mind. Many of the roads in the development are named after the major characters such as: King Arthur, Lancelot, Mallory, Eleanor, Elaine and Gawain to mention a few, as well as the two lakes, Kathryn and Guenevere. The fact that the term Camelot had come to mean a place marked by idealized beauty, peacefulness and enlightenment surely was paramount in their design and conception. On March 26, 1973, Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc. was incorporated as a non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The purpose was "to promote the Community welfare of property owners in the residential Community of Camelot Forest” and to maintain, regulate and administer certain community facilities for their use, benefit and enjoyment." The Directors of the Corporation were Alex McCurdy, Amon Roth and Christopher Kuebler.

The excerpt is from a study by Tom Curley, on the history of Camelot. Tom’s entire study was not included in this excerpt due to space constraints. Any member who is interested is reading the entire piece should contact the CFCA office.