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No. 20101

Approved: 04/12/22

Revised and Approved 04/14/22

POLICY: Boats – New Policy – in conjunction with Rules & Regulations for Boats

* Any violations of these policies may result in fines of 100.00 for each offense and are doubled for subsequent violations.


Didymosphenia Geminate is an algae which will contaminate our lakes.

It is brought in by outside boats and therefore any boats not registered in Camelot Forest are prohibited on either Lake Guenever or Lake Kathryn by homeowners or renters. If such an occasion arose that a homeowner did utilize their watercraft in another body of water they must follow proper cleaning protocol as describe below. This not only includes the craft itself but any accessories and flotation devices during this time.


Clean all gear and watercraft in 2.5 – 5.0% solution of household bleach and hot water for 10 minutes. Hard to remove debris should be scrubbed with biodegradable detergent. Dry all of the craft and gear to the touch and continue drying time for at least 48 hours.

A motion to prohibit renters from bringing in their own boats and other water vessels to either of our lakes was approved and passed at the March 10, 2022 Board of Directors meeting.



1. All boats stored at Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc. (CFCA) property must be registered with the Association. There presently is no fee for registration.

2. Owners must sign a Boat Release and Registration form releasing CFCA.

3. All boats must have the owner’s lot number, in numbers of three (3) inches or more, visible on the stern of the boat.

4. Boats propelled by electric motors must be registered and must properly display the number and a PA boat registration validation decal. Operators must also have in their possession a valid state registration signed in ink.

5. No boats over 16 feet are allowed, except for canoes or kayaks.

6. Personal Watercraft (PWC)-Jet ski, Sea-Doo, Wave Runner, and others are not allowed nor are gas engines on boats.

7. A U.S. Coast Guard-approved, wearable PFD (Personal Flotation Device) is required for each person on board. The vest must be readily accessible or in the open where they can be easily reached.

8. Children 12 years of age and younger must wear an approved, wearable PFD (Personal Flotation Device) on any boat, canoe and/or kayak, and must be accompanied by an adult, 18 years or older.

9. All boat operators must comply with PA and Federal boating laws and regulations. (The Boating Handbook is available from any Boat Commission Office.) Our lakes are patrolled by law enforcement officials.

10. All boats must show required running lights between sunset and sunrise.

11. It is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.

12. No swimming or diving from boats is allowed, nor are boats allowed in the swimming area. Boats must be docked only at the CFCA dock.

13. Violators are subject to PA Boating and Fishing Laws and CFCA penalties and fines.

  • November 1st through April 30th ALL Boaters regardless of age must wear an approved PFD (Personal Flotation Device) when on watercraft less than 16’.

  • No Homeowners or renters are not allowed to launch any boats/kayaks/ canoes not permanently register in Camelot Forest. All boats/kayaks/canoes must have a whistle or powered horn on board.

Approved by the Board of Directors, Camelot Forest CAI, Inc: May 12, 2022