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No. 020806

Approved: 08/27/02

Revised & Approved: 04/14/2022



The original developers of Camelot Forest made specific provisions in the Deed Restrictions for the residents to provide for their own garbage and trash disposal. When the Association took over, it began providing a small dumpster for homeowners’ garbage. Over the years, the service has been expanded to the point where a Trash Dumpster (Compactor) is now available for homeowners’ garbage and household trash. While committed to the concept, the Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend, curtail or eliminate entirely the Trash Dumpster (Compactor) when, in its judgment, financial constraints, resident abuse, or other cause makes it necessary to take such action.

Trash is something worthless to the owner, discarded material, or refuse. Recyclables are not trash. For the purpose of this policy, large, heavy, bulky items that may be considered as trash are not allowed to be put in the Trash Dumpster (Compactor) because of the damage they can cause to the machinery.


1. The Trash Compactor and Recycle Bins are provided only for *residents of Camelot Forest who are members in good standing in the community. A member in good standing is defined as a member who has current dues paid and/or who has entered into a formal regular payment agreement plan.

2. The Trash Compactor and Recycle Bins are for household trash generated by the residents of Camelot Forest. Trash from outside the Community may not be brought in regardless of the circumstances.

3. Trash may be delivered to the Trash Compactor and Recycle Bins only within the time limits as designated by the Association. Seven (7) days a week 8:00am to 8:00 pm.

4. No yard litter is permitted; it should be composted.

5. Recyclable bins are provided for the disposal of clear, brown, and green glass bottles and jars. Aluminum, tin cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, magazines and cardboard boxes. All cardboard boxes are to be broken down into flat form and preferably disposed of in the recycle bin for paper, etc. NO PIZZA BOXES in the recycle bins as they have an oil coating and NO PLASTIC BAGS of any kind in the recycle bins. Residents and or their renters found in violation of this policy will be warned and or fined by the Association. Future violations will result in fines and possible loss of service

6. No hazardous waste of any type.

7. No hot ashes from stoves or fireplaces.

8. No lumber or home improvement bulk trash items.

9. No contractor waste of any sort.

10. No heavy, bulky items that will jam the Trash Dumpster (Compactor). Such items should be stored until they can be deposited in the Bulk Trash Dumpster when it is available.

11. No tires or tires on rims.

12. All trash must be placed in the Trash Compactor. If closed, filled or locked, please return at a later time. Do not leave your trash at the site. Violators will be fined and/or prosecuted.

13. Any resident or renter who is found to be in violation of this policy or who willfully and knowingly is found to be responsible for jamming or damaging the compactor will have their privileges suspended and will be held accountable for repair cost and additional pick-up charges should they apply.

14. Households generating business-related trash will be monitored so as to ensure that such trash complies with this policy and that it does not exceed normal household volume.

*As of July 1, 2021 lot owners who do not live in Camelot Forest will not have use of the trash dumpsters. Be advised that per a policy adopted in 2002, only RESIDENTS of Camelot Forest are permitted to use the dumpster. If you own a lot only, you are not permitted to use the dumpster. Also be advised that the dumpster is for the disposal of trash GENERATED at the Camelot Forest home. It is not for disposal of trash generated somewhere else. CFCA will be monitoring these regulations and violations of this policy. Gate cards will be deactivated on July 1, 2021 for those individuals who own a lot but do not live in CF. Any questions call or email us.

Approved by the CFCA Board of Directors on this 14th day of April 2022