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050302- R01

Approved: 02/14/06

Revised; 01/08/2020



To protect, promote, and enhance the natural beauty and rural character of Camelot Forest

To protect the soil, water and air quality

To help minimize tree removal

To ensure that tree removal causes the least damage to surrounding trees

To protect and enhance the property values in the community

To help promote and maintain the health of Camelot's community forest


  1. For the purpose of this policy, a tree is defined as a tall, woody plant with singular or multiple trunks, and a minimum three (3) inches in circumference (round) or one and one half (1 1/2) diameter (across) at breast height (3-5 ft.)

  2. The Association will allow the removal of tress on residential lots in the community so long as the removal of trees can be justified in accordance with this policy.

  3. The removal of any tree shall require a permit obtained from the office and approved by the Homesite Committee.

  4. No tree shall be removed except where such tree is located in the area in which a homesite, driveway, sewage line, well, and/or a utility right of way has been approved. Other such removals may be permitted by the Homesite Committee upon appropriate written request. All trees to be removed must be identified and tagged in accordance with CFCA Building Code Policy.

  5. The removal of a tree that constitutes a hazard will be approved.

  6. Existing ground vegetation should be preserved wherever possible, practical and feasible. Where natural vegetation is non-existent or has been destroyed, natural landscaping should be considered.

  7. No tree removal permit will be required to prune a tree(s) but all such pruning must be in accordance with the national Pruning Standards. Copies are available in the office.

  8. Owners who removed their septic mounds are encouraged to replant the area with appropriate trees and natural landscaping.

  9. Any owner who is in violation of any of the provisions of this policy, except No. 10 below, shall, after due notice and hearing, be fined a minimum of $200.00 and shall, in addition, pay the cost of tree replacement. Replacement trees shall be at least three inches in diameter and the number of new trees will be equal to or greater than the diameter of the tree(s) removed without approval. Such replacement will be at the direction of the Homesite Committee.

  10. The land around the perimeter of the lakes belongs to Camelot Forest Association, Inc. Lake front lot owners are not permitted to cut any trees or natural ground cover/vegetation on this Community common property.

  11. CFCA may issue a permit for tree removal in a wetland area provided the approval and removal are in accordance with current government regulations. The soil in the wetland area cannot be disturbed, graded, filled or improved upon in any way without a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers. Any violations shall be referred to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

  12. The owner may appeal, in writing, any adverse decision of the Homesite Committee to the Board of Directors who have 14 days to schedule a hearing and render a decision.