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Approved: 03/13/07



To insure that Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc. (CFCA) members are aware of their responsibilities to the community if they rent their property. To keep Camelot Forest a clean and desirable place to live and play by preserving the natural beauty and serenity that attracts people to the area.


  1. Member/landlord must complete the attached Member Rental Registration form. A $150.00 annual registration fee is due June 1, to help defray the cost of rentals to CFCA. Failure to submit this form and fee to CFCA will result in a fine in accordance with CFCA Fine Policy.
  2. Member/landlord will be held responsible for any damage to CFCA common property by their renters.
  3. Member/landlord must provide the Rules and Regulations for Rentals packet to their tenants. Copies may be obtained from the Camelot Office upon registration. If the property is listed through a real estate agency, the packet must also be provided to the realtor who must distribute it with the key.
  4. Members are advised to call the police if a renter distrubance warrants it and to file a written complaint at the CFCA office.
  5. Renters have basic privileges that are provided to Members in Good Standing such as the use of the trash compactor and recreation facilities. The renter may not use Camelot facilities if the owner is not a Member in Good Standing.
  6. Member/landlord must provide information on the trash compactor and recycling. A receptacle must be provided for items to be recycled as well as map of Camelot Forest showing the route to the trash compactor and the recycling bins.
  7. Full-time renters may receive copies of the Camelot Forest newsletter. Owners must request this distribution and inform the office when the renter has moved out or if the renter no longer wishes to receive the newsletter.
  8. Camelot Forest reserves the right to suspend the privilege to use CFCA facilities if renters abuse them or disregard the Rules and Regulations for Rentals.
  9. Member/landlord who has a complaint filed against them may be fined in accordance with the CFCA Fine Policy after due notice and hearing.
  10. Rental fee is nontransferable upon resale and is not pro-rated at time of closing.