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No. 040301

Approved: 2/13/2004

Revised & Approved: 10/19/16

Revised & Approved: 05/16/18

Revised: 01/08/2020



Many residents of Camelot Forest own and enjoy their pets. Pet owners must respect the rights of others to live without the possible nuisance and potential mess of pets violating their property. Residents must be relieved from fear of dogs roaming through Camelot Forest.

Upon consulting with our Attorney, the Board of Directors agreed to amend this pet policy to include registration of cats and dogs.  This is for the homeowner’s protection.


1. Only traditional household pets are permitted.

2. All dogs must be walked on a leash. State law prohibits letting your dog run at large; all dogs must be kept under control. 


3. All damage created by a pet is the sole responsibility of the pet owner or the property owner if the pet owner is a renter. Damage to association property will be repaired by the Association and repair cost billed to the property owner.

4. No animals shall be kept or bred for commercial purposes.

5. Dog owners must pick up after their dog in other residents’ driveways or in residential areas or common property where people walk or would cut grass. If necessary, citations will be issued, hearings conducted, and fines levied.

6. All residents must abide by State dog laws. All dogs must be licensed and inoculated. Licenses may be obtained from the Monroe County Treasurer or from designated veterinary offices or pet supply stores. Call 570-517-3182 to obtain details from the County Treasurer. Dog licenses must be renewed on or before January 1.

7. Guests at Camelot Forest who bring their dog with them must have their dogs licensed in their home states.

8. Complaint Procedure: If a pet is being offensive, the offended party should first talk with the pet owner and request correction. If the offense continues, an incident report should be submitted to the Board. If necessary, the proper authorities will be contacted. The Board will follow appropriate policy.

9. Any complaint regarding strays, mistreated, abused, menacing or abandoned animals should be filed with the appropriate authority.