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Approved: 08/27/02



To provide a vehicle for residents to reserve Common Areas such as the Clubhouse or a section of a Picnic Area for their personal use for special events. To ensure the restoration of the Common Areas in a timely manner and in a clean and orderly condition. To provide Rules and Regulations for the use of Camelot Forest facilities.


  1. Camelot Forest owners and residents who wish to reserve Association facilities must be Members in Good Standing.

  2. All Camelot Forest owners and residents who reserve a Common Area must observe the published and posted Rules and Regulations for that area.

  3. Camelot Forest owners and residents who wish to reserve a Common Area will contact the Office at least one week beforehand in order to reserve the date and complete a License Agreement (attached), if applicable, and a signed liability waiver.

  4. Camelot Forest owners and residents will conform to the provisions in the License Agreement and submit a security deposit to be returned to them if the Common Area is returned to original condition at the conclusion of the event. All trash must be cleared and disposed of in the Dumpster. Recyclables must be handled in conformity with Camelot Forest policy and State law and are not to be deposited in the Dumpster/Compactor.

  5. The Security Deposit will be returned, if warranted, within a week of the day of the event.

  6. Events may be scheduled between 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. (11:00 p.m., if at the Clubhouse).

  7. Owners and residents who plan to use the Beach must provide their own certified Life Guard whenever the number of swimmers to Life Guard exceeds State Code or law and after regular Life Guard hours.

  8. A $2.00 per person fee will be charged to cover Association expenses for the trash compactor and waste for up to 50 people. A $3.00 per person fee will be charged for groups over 50 people.

  9. The Association reserves the right to limit and deny use of the Common Area to residents who, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, abuse the privilege.

See additional rules for use of the clubhouse.