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1.  Swimming is permitted only in designated areas and allotted times at Lake Guenevere.   

2.  No children under age of twelve (12) may be left unattended by parent(s) or guardian(s).   

3.  No fires other than in designated grill areas. An adult must supervise all fires.

4.  All Special Events must begin no sooner than 11AM and end by dusk. 

5. Special Events must conform to Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc. Reservation of Common Areas” including both lakes is required.

6.  No ATV’s, snowmobiles and/or other unlicensed vehicles are allowed on Common Areas, including both lakes.

7.  Ice skating and/or ice fishing are NOT allowed due to insurance requirements.

8.  No loud obnoxious music or noise.

9.  No fireworks permitted at any time.  Automatic $500.00.

10. All dogs must be leashed, and dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. Dogs are NOT allowed on the beach or in the swimming area (this includes the playground, fishing, and picnic areas - signs are posted).

11.  No roughhousing, swimming or diving from boats, or swimming under the dock.

12.  A current PA fishing license, signed in ink, is required of persons age 16 and over.  Fishing at both lakes is “Catch and Release”.  There is no fishing/casting within 10 yards of the swimming and diving areas.

13. No glass containers are allowed on the beach and/or in swimming areas. All trash and recyclables must be properly disposed of in their respective trash containers.

14. Violators of the Rules listed above are subject to Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc. Fine Policy.  The Pennsylvania Fish and Game Commission regularly patrol our lakes and issue citations for fishing and boating violations.

15.  The Security Guard or Lifeguard on duty is authorized to enforce these Rules and Regulations.

16.   No deck chairs and or flotation devices are allowed on the dock.


Approved by the Board of Directors, Camelot Forest CAI, Inc.: May 12, 2022