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Deed Restrictions

Deed Restrictions

Recorded in: Vol. 821 Page 258, Monroe County, PA

  1. That no nuisance or anything obnoxious, unlawful or detrimental to adjoining or adjacent property shall be maintained on any part of the property herein conveyed; and no tents (except in areas designated by Seller), trailers, or any type of temporary structure or shelter shall be permitted without consent of the Seller.

  2. No signs including "For Sale" or "For Rent", or any other advertisements shall be placed or displaced on said premises without written consent.

  3. No dwelling or other building shall be erected or occupied on the premises without a septic tank installation which will meet the requirements of the Seller for the disposal of sewage from such building.

  4. No outbuildings other than a garage or car-port shall be permitted. Said garage or car-port shall be attached to dwelling unless permission is otherwise granted by Seller.

  5. Seller, its successors and assigns, reserve the right to approve or disapprove of the erection of fences of any type or description.

  6. Buyer agrees to provide sanitary disposal for all his own sewage, garbage and rubbish. No garbage or rubbish may be buried or burned.

  7. Neither said premises nor any buildings now or hereafter placed upon said premises shall be used for stabling horses or cows or other cattle, or the housing of fowl.

  8. The Buyer, his heirs, successors and assigns, shall not, on the within described property, build any buildings, or make any alteration or addition or improvement in any building without first having submitted plans and specifications including plot plans to the Seller, and also having first obtained in writing from the Seller its approval and consent.

  9. No unlicensed motor vehicle may be kept on said premises or any road or street contiguous thereto.

  10. Once started, all buildings must have their exteriors finished and painted within four months of the starting date and all building materials must be removed from said property by that date. Outdoor storing of appliances or building materials is forbidden except during said four month building period.

  11. The premises herein described shall be used for residential purposes only excepting those lots as shown on Camelot Forest plot plan as being designated for purposes other than residential use.

  12. The Seller, its successors and assigns, reserves the right to waiver, modify, alter, amend and add to any of the above restrictions, covenants and conditions when in the sole opinion of the Seller, its successors and assigns, this is necessary and desirable.

  13. The Buyer, his heirs, successors or assigns, agrees to become a member of the Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc.

  14. All roads within lands of Camelot Enterprises, Inc. are private and are for the use of the Lot Owners and for so long as they remain private and unless and until they are dedicated to public use the Seller hereby reserves the right to vest, maintain and control in Camelot Enterprises, Inc. or any other group, company or corporation designated by the Seller.

  15. All lots over which nature trails cross as set forth in Plot Plan of Camelot Forest recorded in the Recorder of Deeds office in and for the County of Monroe, at Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, in Plot Book 14, pages 147 and 149, are under and subject to an easement of ingress, egress, and regress over said trails by members of Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc.