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No: 041201-R-01

Approved: 02/22/05

Revised & Approved 01/13/21



To ensure that all new construction and improvements to existing structures and property conform to Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc., (CFCA) Deed Restrictions and Policies and Procedure Manual so as to preserve and enhance of the natural beauty of Camelot Forest.

To provide a common basis for standardizing the administrative procedures for all construction undertaken by members of CFCA.

To ensure and maintain the continuity of character and natural appearance as a means of enhancing the overall value of the members property.


1.) The lot must be surveyed, pinned and certified by a licensed surveyor and a copy of that survey must be included in the proposed building packet provided to CFCA Home Site Committee for approval.

2.) No lot clearing or construction work of any kind shall commence on the lot site until CFCA Home Site Committee grants its Building Permit.

3.) A non-refundable construction permit fee in the amount of $500.00 must also be submitted with the application.

4.) The lot/land must not be cleared of trees, except to accommodate the house print,

driveway, well and sewer line. Trees to be removed must be tagged and approved for removal by the Home Site Committee prior to any cutting.

5.) The contractor or owner must submit one complete and accurate set of house plans containing specifications (color chip, roofing, siding etc.) and a copy of Tobyhanna Township Building Permit. All township, county, and state fees are the responsibility of the applicant.

6.) The contractor or owner must submit a plot plan showing the location and dimensions of the building, driveway and well.

7.) The building permit shall be valid for a period of 18 months. Construction must begin within a six month period and be completed by 12 months from the start of construction. A new permit with accompanying fees will be required should circumstances occur which prevent meeting the deadlines. The CFCA Home Site Committee may grant a waiver of the new permit fee should circumstance warrant.

8.) The contractor must install, if necessary, a pipe under the driveway at the roadside so as not to disturb the natural flow of runoff water through the road swale. A Tobyhanna Township permit is required.

9.) No house, including the porch, deck and attached garage, may occupy a foot print greater than 10% of lot dimensions as stated in Tobyhanna Township Zoning Ordinances.

10.) Contractor work hours are limited Monday thru Saturday, 7:30AM to 6 PM. No work on Sunday is permitted.

11.) A trash container must be placed on site for construction waste and the site must be cleaned of debris at the end of each day worked.

12.) The contractor shall provide a portable toilet on the job site that will be emptied and cleaned on a regular basis.

13.) New rafts, docks and beaches are not permitted on lake front property since the land is owned by CFCA. Existing structures must be removed by January 1, 2010. Existing beaches are permitted to remain but must be allowed to revert back to their natural state.

14.) Minimum square footage (living area) for homes is 1600 square feet. No detached garages are permitted.

15.) No contractor signs are allowed on the job site in accordance with Tobyhanna Township Zoning Ordinances.

16.) Any additions, extensions, conversions, improvements or changes to the exterior of existing home or anything that entails an increase to the existing square footage (living space) requires a CFCA Building Permit and a Tobyhanna Township Building Permit. In addition, CFCA Permits are required for but not limited to the following: sheds, roofs, repainting (color), residing, decks, tree cutting, etc. Fences, walls, enclosures and barriers of any kind are covered under a separate policy and also require a CFCA Building Permit

17.) Outdoor security lighting that remains on all night or for periods of time that exceed fifteen (15) minutes is not recommended. The intent is to limit light pollution and avoid annoying neighbors. The Township zoning ordinance for outdoor lighting must be followed.

18.) Set back requirements differ from Tobyhanna Township requirements: Camelot’s minimums are as follows: Front 50 feet, Side 40 Feet, Rear 40 Feet.

19.) The CFCA Home Site Committee, in the discharge of its official duties, and upon proper identification, shall have authority to inspect the property at any reasonable hour for the purpose of ensuring compliance with this CFCA Building Code Policy.

20.) The Home Site Committee has the authority to grant a variance to a provision of this policy.

21.) Any violation of this policy may result in the member being fined in accordance with association policy.