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No. 020807

Approved: 08/27/02

Revised and Approved 04/14/22



While the Deed Restrictions of the Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc., require that the owners must provide garbage and trash disposal, the Association saw fit, in conjunction with Earth Day activities, to provide a Bulk Trash Dumpster for community cleanup activities. Since its inception, its use has been expanded and has become a regular service provided in the spring and the fall to the residents for Bulk Trash. The service may be suspended or eliminated by the Board of Directors when, in its judgment, a need no longer exists, financial restraints make it impossible to provide the service, residents abuse the privilege, or for any other cause as determined by the Board.

Bulk trash is such trash generated in or about the residence that normally would not be placed in the regular trash Dumpster (Compactor) because of its size or weight. Such bulk trash would consist of, but not be limited to, the following: old appliances, water heaters, furniture, rugs, electronic devices, bikes, large toys, and mattresses and box springs, to name a few.

Contractor waste from home improvement projects is not permitted in the Bulk Trash Dumpster. The homeowner and the contractor are responsible for providing their own on- site Dumpster for such waste and trash.


1. The Bulk Trash Dumpster is provided for residents of Camelot Forest who are members in good standing. Members in good standing are defined as members who are current in their dues for the year and those who have no outstanding dues in arrears or who have entered into a formal monthly payment agreement plan with the Board of Directors or its agent.

2. The Bulk Trash Dumpster is for household trash generated by residents of Camelot Forest. Trash from outside the community may not be brought in under any circumstances. Owners who rent their property may not use the Dumpster for their own waste generated outside of Camelot Forest; renter privileges take precedence.

3. Residents are restricted to one standard pickup truckload or its equivalent.

4. Trash may be delivered only during the times designated by the Association.

5. No recyclables are allowed in the Dumpster.

6. No hazardous waste, such as oil, paint, car batteries, tires, etc., is allowed.

7. Appliances containing Freon must have a tag attached certifying that the Freon has been properly removed.

8. Appliances with doors must have the doors removed.

9. Bulk waste generated from do-it-yourself home improvement projects will be allowed within the limit specified.

10. All nails must be removed or bent to prevent injury to our volunteers and workers.

11. Owners may be cited by the Association and/or the Township Zoning Officer for violation of Township ordinances if they refuse to remove Bulk Trash items from outside their residences after being notified by the Association.

Approved by the CFCA Board of Directors on this 14th day of April 2022