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  1. Camelot Forest owners and residents must file an application to reserve the date and post $100.00 security deposit.

  2. Camelot Forest residents must sign a waiver releasing the Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc., and its members from all legal liabilities.

  3. The Clubhouse may not be used for religious services.

  4. The Camelot Forest resident who reserves the Clubhouse is responsible for any and all damages that may occur.

  5. Occupancy of the premises cannot exceed Township occupancy regulations.

  6. All trash must be cleared and disposed of in the Dumpster. Recyclables must be handled in conformity with Camelot Forest policy and State law and are not to be deposited in the Dumpster/Compactor.

  7. A $2.00 per person fee will be charged to cover Association expenses for the trash compactor and waste for up to 50 people. A $3.00 per person fee will be charged for groups over 50 people.

  8. Camelot Forest owners and residents who use the Clubhouse must be members in good standing.