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Approved: 08/27/02



To ensure an examination, hearing, and resolution of disagreements between parties on issues including, but not limited to, differences of opinion and complaints.


  1. A pool of names of volunteers who wish to serve on a Grievance Committee will be available at the Association Office.

  2. Volunteers shall not serve on successive Grievance Committees unless the volunteer list has been exhausted. After serving on a Grievance Committee, the volunteer's name shall be removed until the list has been used in its entirety.

  3. A member of the Board of Directors will chair the first Committee meeting. The Chair will have no vote.

  4. The Committee shall be made up of three Association members and one Alternate who are Members in Good Standing. Their names will be picked by lottery from a list of volunteers which shall be witnessed by a majority of the Board of Directors. The Alternate will only be used if, on the day and time of the hearing, a regular Grievance Committee Member does not appear.

  5. Within three days of the Grievance, the Committee Chairman shall arrange the first meeting of the Grievance Committee at which time the nature of the grievance is to be disclosed. Thereafter the Chairman will be excluded. The Committee shall call all following meetings and they shall set the date and place of the hearing and notify all parties concerned within 14 days.

  6. The Committee shall hold the hearing at the set day, time and place with all Grievance Committee members present. In the event of an absence of one member, the Alternate shall be used. They shall consider all evidence, testimony, etc., relevant to the grievance. They shall make a fair and impartial final decision to resolve the difference. If the grieving party(s) or accused party(s), after agreeing to be present at the meeting, does not appear, the Committee shall be free to reschedule the meeting or make its decision without the party(s) being present. The meeting will be tape-recorded and a permanent record of the proceedings made for the Office file and Board of Directors' minutes.

  7. Hearings shall be held in the Association Building. More than one hearing may be held at the same sitting of the Grievance Committee. Attendance for each hearing will be restricted to the parties involved with the individual grievances.

  8. Following the hearing and in consideration of all relevant evidence and testimony, the Committee, by majority vote, will render a decision within 14 days of the hearing. They will deliver a copy of that decision to the Board of Directors and parties involved by regular and certified mail.

  9. The Board of Directors shall be responsible for the enforcement of the decision and shall take appropriate action, legal or otherwise, within 30 days.

  10. Should either party disagree with the final decision reached by the Grievance Committee, either party may contest the decision via litigation at their own expense.

  11. The Grievance Committee members shall be included on the Camelot Forest Conservation Association's liability insurance policy.

  12. Once a decision has been rendered by a Grievance Committee on a specific item, there shall be no resubmission of the same grievance.

  13. The Board of Directors will not consider Grievances that abuse this policy. Such abuses would include, but not be limited to, complaints regarding matters subject to the law, petty complaints, old complaints with new titles, etc. If a grievance hearing is denied, the matter may be brought up at the next general meeting of the Association.