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Approved: 03/29/05



To provide a procedure whereby members request to inspect the records of Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc. (CFCA).

To protect CFCA and its members from requests that may prove harmful to either.

To identify records that need to be kept confidential.

To ensure that confidential information on members will be protected and remain private.


  1. ARTICLE VII, BOOKS AND RECORDS, Section 2 of CFCA's Bylaws outlines the procedure to be followed for all requests.

  2. All requests, which must be in writing, are to be handled by CFCA's Solicitor. Such requests must:

    1. specify which records the member requests to see,

    2. state the reason for wanting to see the records,

    3. acknowledge and accept CFCA's Inspection of Records policy,

    4. be accompanied by all appropriate forms as contained herein and in the Bylaws.

  3. CFCA's Solicitor will determine the time and place for access to the books and records. The member will be responsible for payment of reasonable costs of labor for the CFCA Office Coordinator and Solicitor as well as office materials and Board members’ time.

  4. Unless state laws say otherwise, members access to the following CFCA records will not be granted:

    1. Individual personnel records,

    2. Documents supplied by individual members containing personal information not directly related to the business of CFCA,

    3. Records concerning a pending or likely lawsuit,

    4. Association records that the law specifically bars associations from disclosing,

    5. Contracts, leases, and other commercial transactions still being negotiated.