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No. 020801

Approved: 08/27/02



WHEREAS Article V, Section 2, and Article VI, Section 1, of the Bylaws grant to the Board of Directors the power and authority to conduct the Association's business;

AND WHEREAS a process is needed to administer to the ever growing complexities of the Association;

AND WHEREAS the Policy Procedure has been accepted as a reasonable way to identify, define and administer these complexities;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Board of Directors establishes the Policy Process as follows:


All Policies shall conform to the format herein established and shall include, but shall not be limited to, policies dealing with members' rights and responsibilities, the protection of their equity in the Association, financial procedures, committee responsibilities, Rules and Regulations governing usage of common areas, and any other such matters identified as in need of administration and regulation.

When a problem or need is brought to the attention of the Board of Directors or the Board of Directors identifies a problem or a need that should be addressed, the Board will investigate the circumstances and make a determination.

Should a need be identified, the Board of Directors will develop a draft policy. Member review and comment may be solicited if deemed appropriate.

After review and revision, a final draft of the Policy may be reviewed by the Association's attorney, then voted upon by the Board of Directors for approval. A majority vote of the Board of Directors shall carry the policy. Such Policy will be enforceable by the Board of Directors within the mandate of its Association powers and duties.

A Policy Manual adopted by the Board of Directors will be maintained by the Secretary of the Association or his/her agent, and will be available for review to all Association members in the Association's Office. These Policies will supersede all previous Policies on the topics included therein. When deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, copies of specific Policies may be made available to the members.

The approval of each Policy will be recorded in the Association's Minutes along with a copy of same.