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Approved: 07/12/04



To clarify Camelot Forest Conservation Associations' Deed Restriction No 2 that states, "That no signs including "For Sale" or "For Rent" or any other advertisements shall be placed or displayed on said premises without written consent".


  1. No person or entity is permitted to post signs other than approved property identification signs within Camelot Forest Conservation Association (CFCA) for any purpose unless specifically authorized in writing by CFCA or as stated below.

  2. All approved contractor signs must be removed from the property when the Occupancy Permit is granted or the job is completed.

  3. Every property with a home is required to have a lot identification number visible/readable from the road to assist emergency service personnel.

  4. Large, obtrusive signs, as determined by the Board of Directors, will not be permitted.

  5. Residential security signs are permitted as follows: (1) Signs on the house, in the windows or within ten feet the house may have the security company's name on it. (2) A security sign at the street is permitted but shall not have the security company's name on it.

  6. Political signs are not permitted at any time.

  7. Camelot Forest Conservation Association instructional signs must be uniform in size and color (green/white) and as few in number as possible. These requirements are in addition to any state law or CFCA insurance carrier.

  8. Newspaper boxes with the paper company name on it are not permitted.

  9. Members who violate this policy may be subject to penalties and fines as stated in CFCA Fine Policy, Number 020804.