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Approved: 02/13/04



To ensure that no nuisance or anything obnoxious, unlawful, or detrimental to Camelot Forest residents will be allowed to disturb the peace, tranquility, and safety of the community.


No unlicensed motor vehicle may be kept on any property in Camelot Forest. It is a violation of Tobyhanna Township Ordinances and Camelot Forest's Deed Restrictions (No. 9).

The operation of snowmobiles is prohibited anywhere in Camelot Forest property, its roads, and lakes, except when used for a legitimate emergency purpose.

Recreational vehicles, whether licensed or unlicensed, are not permitted on community roads, which are Township owned. Recreation vehicles are motorized vehicles not normally operated on public roads, and include, but are not limited to, ATVs, snowmobiles, golf carts, utility vehicles, go-carts, dirt bikes, and the like. Such vehicles are also not permitted on any Camelot Community common property.