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Approved: 04/05/05



To reward members who volunteer their time and effort for the enhancement and betterment of Camelot Forest as a conservation association and a development.

To encourage participation on various Camelot Forest Conservation Association, Inc. (CFCA) committees.

To reward those who organize, supervise, or work on CFCA-sponsored events or work details.


  1. A voucher (credit) in the form of a gift certificate will be awarded to members who actively participate in the following activities:

    1. Participation in a committee meeting (various types)

    2. Running or assisting with a recreational event (picnic, trip, fishing contest, dinner outing, etc.)

    3. Leading or participating in a work detail, i.e.: bulk trash days, clean-up detail, lake opening or closing, Camelot Forest entrance maintenance and planting, dam inspections, etc.

    4. Special Assignment given at the discretion of a director on the board.

  2. One $5.00 voucher will be merited for each full hour of pre-approved volunteer activity. The voucher can be redeemed for a gift certificate.

  3. Voucher eligibility must be approved beforehand by a member of the Board of Directors. One voucher is merited per hour by attendance and active participation.

  4. Voucher recording

    1. A logbook shall be kept in CFCA's office by the Office Coordinator for all vouchers awarded and redeemed as a permanent record of individual participation.

      1. Vouchers shall be sequentially numbered.

      2. The voucher shall have the receiver's name and lot number noted in the logbook.

      3. The voucher shall be dated and signed by the Director in charge of the activity.

  5. Voucher Redemption

    1. Vouchers can be redeemed (exchanged) for a CFCA gift check made out to the redeemer's choice of a participating local business, charity, or CFCA dues.

    2. Vouchers redeemed shall be recorded in the logbook and reconciled against the checks issued by the Office Coordinator.

    3. Vouchers cannot be redeemed (exchanged) for any CFCA check made out to any individual person or persons.

    4. Vouchers can be combined by more than one person for a common redemption.

    5. The gift check stub shall note the voucher number(s) and name(s) of the redeemer(s). The logbook shall indicate the name of the person picking up the check.

    6. Vouchers may be handed into the CFCA office on any day that it is open for business. The gift certificate will be available in one week from that date.

  6. Voucher Budget

    1. The Board of Directors will be responsible for overseeing the overall cost of the program and may, at it's discretion, cap or limit expenses as needed to keep within the budget.